Overview of Elder Law

As the baby boomer population grows older, the elder population in our country continues to expand dramatically. Due to advances in nutrition and medicine, individuals are living longer today than ever before in recorded history. However, this upsurge in longevity is not without complication—elders are among the most vulnerable members of our community and thus are subject to possible abuse, both physically and financially.

Legal Issues with Elders

Because of their circumstances, elders are faced with a variety of legal concerns that uniquely impact them. Questions of housing, financial management, medical care and planning for incapacity all can have a legal component to them. The job of a qualified elder law attorney is to assist his or her clients in navigating the complex legal challenges facing older adults so that the elder can be kept safe and free from abuse.

Placement and Financial Aspects Regarding Nursing Facilities

One of the many issues that an elder may be faced with is the need for placement in a skilled nursing facility and the problem of financing that care. Elder law attorneys assist clients with obtaining MediCal coverage for such placement. Oftentimes, the elder law attorney will work with the elder and his or her family to structure the elder’s assets so that the elder is eligible for such coverage. Elder law attorneys can also advise elders and their families about the convoluted twists and turns of public benefits laws to ensure that the elder obtains all of the benefits to which he or she is entitled.


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