Belan Wagner

Like Kind Exchanges

October 22, 2015

For an offline copy of this presentation on like kind exchanges, click here to download a PowerPoint file. Like Kind Exchanges from WKBK&Y LLP


Tax Services for the Troubled Debtor

July 21, 2015

To view this presentation on tax services for those in debt due to real estate concerns, click here to download a PowerPoint copy. Tax Services for the Troubled Debtor from WKBK&Y LLP


Legal Alert – Critical Changes in California LLC Agreement Laws

March 10, 2014

California has dramatically changed the LLC law.  Effectively, many of the “form” provisions which were customarily used in LLC Agreements are no longer “legal” because the act has specifically prohibited or limited the use of some clauses. Probably the most critical is a common clause used in real estate deals which allows all of the […]


Choice of Entity Outline

December 10, 2013

This article is an outline of a lecture which we recently gave at a San Francisco tax conference. While to many of you the topic may seem old hat, we focused on the problems associated with using a limited partnership format with a limited liability entity such as an S corporation of an LLC as […]


Partnership Tax and Disguised Sales §704(c)(1)B

January 30, 2013

There are several disguised sale rules under Subchapter K. IRC Sections 707(a)(2)(B), 704(c)(1)(B), 737 and 751(b). Needless to say, Congress has created an extremely complicated set of rules, many of which are traps for the unwary. Two of these sections have a lot of subtleties built in and are probably violated often unintentionally. These are […]


Modifying an Option Agreement? It May Be Considered a New Agreement for Tax Purposes.

November 27, 2012

PAYMENTS RECEIVED UNDER OPTION AGREEMENT ARE NOT TAXED UNTIL EXERCISE OR LAPSE “An option is a contract which gives the Optionee a right to buy, sell, lease, or the like within a certain period of time.”[1] An option payment is not recognized as income at the time the payment is paid or received.[2] Instead, the […]