Doug Youmans

Nondischargeability of Taxes in Bankruptcy

January 18, 2008

The interplay between the Internal Revenue Code (Title 26) and the Bankruptcy Code (Title 11) is often confusing and unnecessarily complex.  This presentation is designed to simply and demystify some of this interplay both (i) procedurally, by explaining some of the provisions of how the Bankruptcy Code and the Internal Revenue Code interact; and (ii) […]


Beyond the A/B Trust: Advanced Estate Planning Techniques

April 20, 2007

I. IRREVOCABLE TRUSTS Functions. An irrevocable trust can shift property value and income to: Build an educational fund for a child; Provide current income for an adult child; Provide current income for an aged parent; or Provide asset protection for others. If the beneficiaries do not have immediate access to trust funds, those funds are […]


Tax Patents

February 1, 2007

From a public policy standpoint, it is inadvisable to allow tax patents because: They adversely impact the public’s statutory obligation to pay taxes and undermine the uniform application of the tax law and the integrity of the tax system. They interfere with the ethical and moral obligations that tax advisors owe their clients and make […]