Wait Times for Business Filings at Secretary of State

If you want to know how long it will take for the Secretary of State to process your filing, the Secretary of State has a web site to let you know.

By Mail:  The SOS is 65 days behind on new formations.

By Over-the-Counter – Non-expedited:  The SOS is about 23 days behind.

If you are filing a statement of information, don’t bother going to the counter.  They are about 90 days behind.

Unfortunately for 2011, these times do not seem to be improving over the past several months.  If you need a document returned faster, the SBE offers for a premium expedited service fees faster service.  Examples of documents that you should consider having expedited services include:

  1. Formation Documents
  2. Merger Documents
  3. Amendments
  4. Name change because of an acquisition of a practice or change in the partners (i.e., an accounting LLP has a name change due to a new partner)

Our office does handle filings as part of our business law practice services and can assist you in deciding the best option to get your filings processed.  As there are slight variations on the processing time depending on form/unit within the business filings division, if you want a more precise time, the following is the web address:


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